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    twitterreviewer's Review on Posted on 10/03/2012
    A Great Social Networking Site
    Social networking is changing, and fast! If you want to say in beat and up to date then you should be using Twitter. Twitter, a wonderful website for people of all ages is easy to use and is very useful. I wish I had found out about Twitter long before I had, I would have been spending all my time “tweeting,” instead of scrolling down the long boring newsfeed of Facebook. This site is great for getting in touch with friends, family, and even celebs. Twitter is just how people describe it, fun, simple, and a clever idea.
    Twitter is very enjoyable and easy to use. Some tweeters like to follow loads of people to read what is going on in their lives. On the other hand some just like to tweet about anything their heart desires. On Facebook when you post you have to be changing your status, on Instagram you can only post pictures and on Myspace, you can only instant message others. On Twitter you can do it all at the same time or just do one thing, it all depends on you, this multitask factor is something many people like. Since Twitter was founded in 2006 it has reached 500 million users and is one of the top most visited websites on the internet. Those facts are just more reasons why you should join Twitter. People don’t just love Twitter because they love to talk tweet about anything, the love Twitter because of the “re-tweet,” and “favorite” options. Say you read a funny tweet that your friend wrote or someone tweets about going to the Football game and you are going too. Once you click on the tweet you can re-tweet, which would make the tweet show up on your wall but would say “re-tweeted by….” The other thing you can do is favorite a tweet. When you do this the author of the tweet will receive an email saying you favorited their tweet. Also, other twiter users can see all the tweets you favorited on your page. On twitter you can chose your twitter handle, which is a username, if you want to change your handle you just click settings and then personal information. Once you have your handle you are ready to follow people. When you have someone’s twitter handle and you have gone to their page by clicking follow then all the tweets that that person tweets will now come up on your news feed. You can always easily un-follow someone. Following is just like friending people on Facebook but you don’t have to go through all the hassle of accepting and denying friend requests unless you have more security settings on. Twitter is a great, easy to use website.
    Twitter is used in many different and diverse ways. Twitter is a wonderful way to communicate with new and old friends, get news about sports, politics, and science, and help students with schoolwork. When a teacher has a twitter for their class it is extremely helpful for the students because teens love social net working sites and having their homework pop up in their news feed is a great reminder that they should be working. Also when a teacher has a twitter is great to ask questions about the work because everyone who is following the teacher could see and that would help many students. You can follow your favorite band to get all the news about when that new single is coming out or when they are going on tour. Also, you can follow your favorite sports team to hear all the sports talk about your team. Other than following bands, teams and teachers, it is great to follow all you friends and tweet to each other. Every one uses Twitter differently but the great thing is that you can use Twitter in all these great ways.
    Twitter is a favorite social website of many people and I would definitely agree with those who love it.
  • Rating 4/5
    BuffNakedButler's Review on Posted on 01/02/2012
    Favourite Social Networking Site
    This is our favourite social networking site. The place where we post most of our offers and most of our social network posts. Nice format and easy to view.

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