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  • Description Do you like watching straight guys get hazed into doing gay sex acts? We do too! Watch videos of college guys getting naked and having sex on hazehim now!
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Users' Reviews

  • Rating 1/5
    leeinsc's Review on Posted on 05/01/2011
    Very misleading
    When you see the site, they offer the lowcost "check it out" time for 4.95, or the month for 29.99. You get inside and find out you just wasted 5 bucks, then if you go to upgrade, it's 39.99 not 29.99 and your five bucks just went into the friggen toilet. They do have a few hot vids but nothing worth that much money. Most of them are cute guys yelling at pledges, belittling them into suckin men. Don't waste your money on this site until they can give you some value for the money. If I could, I would ask for a full refund-sucks
  • Rating 0/5
    wg4r9xpcaj's Review on Posted on 02/16/2010
    Don't waste your money on this one.

    NOT WORTH IT! And if you want to be a member, you will see what I'm talking bout. Money is not a problem to be me but they'll charge you much. If you get the 2 day trial, you will not even see the whole video, So what the eff is that money we paid for? And please, after you have your membership. Make a review here. Its always nice to warn people about scams like this, like this one site we all know. They got broke! oh well. Maybe Ill try that website jamesconrad. LOL

    IM OUT!
  • Rating 0/5
    jamesconrad's Review on Posted on 02/16/2010
    I your thinking of joining the site.I like the idea of the site but Trust me and these other people right here, its not worth it!! Theres ta least ONLY 6 videos ( I must say poor quality). Really expenssive. Not really straight guys. So dont be fooled,

    ADDED NOTES: Never ever get the 2 day trial, becoz if you didnt cancel it right away. you will be rebilled and your 29.99 will just fly away. If i were you, Ill just go on gayforit dot com and pay 9.99 and watch unlimited videos everyday. And i bet you'll find some of the videos from hazehim .dot com in there soon. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! IM SERIOUS.
  • Rating 5/5
    bananaboy09's Review on Posted on 01/28/2010
    I just joined Hazehim and I think it is one of the best sites to come out in a LONG LONG time. I think it is the most creative site I've seen. I thought it was strange that the Trials were limited, but I didn't have the issue that DCDude mentioned. I was definitely asked to confirm my desire to upgrade.
  • Rating 1/5
    DCDude's Review on Posted on 01/22/2010
    !!!!!!THIS SITE IS A SCAM!!!!!

  • Rating 4/5
    bigpaul's Review on Posted on 01/21/2010
    Very Creative
    WOW!! This site is hot. I've been a member for almost a month now and I can tell you that this sight is getting better everyday. Once the number of updates grows a little this will the hottest site on the net. I've heard people say that they have had issues with canceling, but I canceled using the customer support link on the site and I canceled just fine
  • Rating 0/5
    cp3o85's Review on Posted on 01/18/2010
    Amazing site
    I really enjoyed this site. The guys are hot and the idea behind it is spectacular!!! They don't have a lot of videos but the videos that they do have are amazing. If money weren't so tight right now I would have stayed a member :(. I'm hoping that I'll be able to join again in a couple of months.
    I had a similar problem when I tried to cancel, but when I emailed their support staff they were really nice about it.
  • Rating 1/5
    rodrigobs25's Review on Posted on 01/11/2010
    Beware of this website! They only have 6 videos, and you can't watch the whole videos on a trial membership. And the worst part is, once you sign up for the trial membership they WILL NOT cancel it, and you will be re-billed month after month. I've been TRYING to contac them for days days and I keep receiving Canned Customer Service Email Responses.

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